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VIRTUS.PRO Casual T-Shirt


26.90 € 22.86 €

Free delivery is available from 80 EUR

VIRTUS.PRO a team that doesn't need to be introduced. You know their lineup better than your national soccer team. BYALI, NEO, PASHA, SNAX, TAZ and KUBEN, for them nothing is impossible. They fight their way to the top of every CS:GO tournament wearing black sports t-shirts with orange and white elements and the most pissed off bear in the world.

We realize that you can’t wear the official t-shirt every single day. That is why we have introduced casual version that is actually a favourite of the VP members. Black t-shirt with grey VP bear. Very stylish! Logo is done with the FLOCK method which gives a convex and soft feel.

Join the elite group of fans of Virtus.Pro and remember: "Proud of every win, loyal after defeat!"

Delivery Time
Europe: 5-8 Days
Rest of the World: 10-22 Days

Shipping Costs
Europe: 9.00 EUR
Rest of the World: 10.00 EUR

Be aware that we cannot take care of customs or taxes that might occur for deliveries outside the EU.

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